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American patriot Jake Gardner committed suicide after being wrongfully charged with murder in a case that was clearly self-defense during a riot in 2020.

The Victims page documents examples of victims from leftist violence, censorship, and cancel culture.

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in violence against those that support freedom of speech. Those that believe in wokeism justify all of their actions by saying everyone they don't like are Nazis. These people share one thing in common. They hate their own country and regardless of their race, they blame Western Culture and white people for the majority of their problems, and society's problems.

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Link Date Image Title Location Category Source
View page March 1, 2019 Andy Ngo Portland, Oregon, United States
View page June 20, 2020 Horace Lorenzo Anderson Seattle (CHOP/CHAZ), Washington, United States
View page August 1, 2020 25 Various Americans Killed During BLM/Antifa Riots Summer 2020 Throughout Geographic United States
View page October 27, 2020 30 Police Officers Injured in Philadelphia Black Lives Matter Riots Philadelphia, PA Assaults

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