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[[File:Freedom_studies.png|thumb|[[Critical Race Theory]] teaches that all white people are uniquely racist.|400px ]]
The '''Examples''' page documents examples of [[Terms/Wokeism|wokeism]] in various industries and parts of life.
Over the last few years, wokeism has began to infect every part of western society, from educuation to Government and Hollywood. Wokeism is a full on attack on [[Western Society]] that seeks to change definitions and reality. If they are successful, America and the rest of Western Society as we know it will be gone.  
Examples in various industries.  
This page is a shared record to show what the [[Mainstream Media]] wants to ignore. It's ammunition in the [[Culture War]]. We need your help to improve this page. Click the button below and share the page with others!
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== All Examples ==  
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== Featured ==
== Database ==
=== Categories ===
* [[Examples/Companies|Companies]]
* [[Examples/Education|Education]]
* [[Examples/Entertainment|Entertainment]]
* [[Examples/Government|Government]]
* [[Examples/Law|Law]]
* [[Examples/Media|Media]]
* [[Examples/Science|Science]]
* [[Examples/Sports|Sports]]
* [[Examples/Technology|Technology]]
* [[Examples/Work|Work]]
=== All Examples ===
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== Search ==
* [[Special:Drilldown/example|Drilldown]] to search through the data.
* For advanced searches, use [[Special:CargoQuery]].
* To see all the Examples listed in visual form, [[Examples/Images|click here]].
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{{#formlink:form=Example|link type=button|link text=Add Example}}
{{#formlink:form=Example|link type=button|link text=Add Example}}
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== References ==
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== See also ==
* [[Events]]
* [[Terms]]
* [[Victims]]
== External links ==

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